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謝佑承 Hsieh Yu-Cheng

Taipei National University of the Arts

空白屏幕 Blank Screen

謝佑承 Hsieh Yu-Cheng lives and works in Taipei.  

In this project the artist recreates an everyday object in a form which we are not familiar with it existing in. With this manipulation, our body experiences are concealed by the digital image stimulated by painted strokes. Comparing the stimulation with the original object, viewers shall rethink the essence of objects further, questioning the essence of image in the modern lives. 

Artist Statement

I focus on 'how we experience the perception from things we know?' as my inspiration.The modern world is saturated with all types of images. From the experience of seeing images, our spirits are driven out from our fleshes and dive into the worlds of images. No Signal is not only the initial image of a projector starting to operate, but also the sole access for the signal that carries the 'image' we used to define as. We simply ignore the image No Signal, for it means nothing happened yet, and while facing this image, our bodies seem to roam around in the eternity of waiting, from which our spirits craving to escape.Within the waiting which seems to last endlessly, I start to suspect that what if this waiting is a scam and we are trapped in the scene of No Signal.