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Adam Janisch

Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie

Forcing Function

Forcing Function is a ruthless diagnosis of a computerised society ruled by the market and the pressure for success. The episodic film consists of three parts along with a prologue and an epilogue. It starts at a time of global economic crisis and increased impact of electronic media on social life, and presents the possible consequences of this development in the near future. State control over citizens, particularly within the economic realm, will be more strictly exercised thanks to the web. The ultimate power of the system will be perceived as the norm and accepted by the common man. The film shows the atomisation of society and the struggle of individuals for economic status, which equates to a position on the social ladder. Forcing Function’s protagonist is beaten by a system for which he does not want to work. The film, despite being made up of episodes – fragments of individual lives – is a consistent overview of relations within society as a whole. The narrative of Forcing Function resonates strongly thanks to its recognisable portrayal of a process of transition over the course of twelve years; starting from widely accepted truths the audience is carried into an unknown but logically legitimate future in the year 2020. Forcing Function is a mature reflection on where a technologically developed consumer society can lead.