NXT creatives

Adam Stead

University of Reading - Department of Fine Art

A Cleaner Line

Stead’s work deals with the control of bodily matter that form the in-direct subjects of dairy language where materiality of descriptive words meet in a physical narrative that activates the work. This language resonates with the language of formal sculpture by Richard Serra such as ‘to droop, to splash, to spread, to flood’. The economic language of modern mechanised agricultural has formed in highly descriptive forms. Rural rhythms are present within materials specified by place where the work questions realities of common rural traditions. The importance of transient and fragile resources and their socio-economic and environmental impact is felt in the relationship between functional object and sculptural appropriation. Michael Dean makes use of visual signs within language transformed and embedded into the physicality of the work he produces. Stead’s work taps into a similarly sign-based physicality, identifying structures with brutalist and constructivist modes of bodily management, both human and animal.