NXT creatives

Adele Vallance

Lincoln School of Art and Design


Here lies the skin of the former studio floor, trapped in a motionless transition; a relic, fragile and vulnerable to each viewer's movement. 'To live is to leave traces' Walter Benjamin, Reflections Adele Vallance's work is about the forgotten, the left behind. Layering glue onto everyday surfaces, she uses its unique properties to reveal the surface's poetry and simultaneously to add her own brittle trace. As she peels the glue away, she brings with it the detritus of its previous and recent occupants, in a process similar to taking fingerprints. The fragile cast serves as a map or visual translation of movements and involvements with the surface. Each individual mark tells a story concerned with the site's history, context and how the past resurfaces in the present. The duality of beauty and grime is exposed within Adele's glue cast. We are presented with encapsulated residues, yet through the placement of the work the beauty of the marks is accentuated. The cast acts as a reminder, a space of isolation between presence and absence. The room has also been trapped in this state by the removal of its studio boards, revealing the hidden surfaces of the original interior. It no longer fulfils its original purpose, nor its past ones, but has become the space to which the skin belongs.