NXT creatives

Adrian Gutzelnig

Universität der Künste Berlin

between 0 and 1

between 0 and 1 is a sound installation using four channels to let the listener experience the acoustic atmospheres happening inside the layer of ice, lying on top of a frozen lake. It's compositional form and materials are based on the artist's recordings and experiences during retreating at lake Baikal for a Siberian winter. During this time Adrian Gutzelnig was using special contact-microphones to create an archive of the various sounds that the lake was producing in various places and areas. Drawing from this archive the composition is enabling concentrated listening to the acoustic phenomena recorded. The use of a spacial sound system is adding to this and thereby creating an experience of immersion and mediative listening.The impressions of the raw force of nature and it's continuous rhythmical change were inspiring the work's looping structure, creating an infinite repetition of build ups and declines of the sounds intensity. The video projection involved in the work is morphing photographs of the ice into each other through a computer algorithm, breaking pixels apart, reshaping an transforming images of the ice creating an idea in between the natural and the artificial.