NXT creatives

Adrian Langtry

Dublin School of Creative Arts

I’m Going to Get Battered Over This

I’m Going to Get Battered Over This is a looped video that features audio recordings, made over public airwaves, synchronised with footage of people on the streets of Dublin. The viewer is left to their own devices to narrate the comings and goings in the footage. Fate is questioned as an acceptable method of understanding a situation via the concurrence of the audio and visuals. I’m Going to Get Battered Over This interrogates the psychology responsible for creating meaning and understanding in a given situation. The title is a quote from the first line of dialogue in the video, and is derived from the vernacular speech which defines the sense of surveillance in the work. ‘I’m going to get battered over this’ is an idiom representative of the local tongue, and acts to question the legality and possible repercussions of engaging with the lives of others. The static, recorded with outdated CB radio technology and interjected between the dialogue, acts like a grey area, a reflection of possible misinterpretations of face-to-face communication. Technology is not the only limitation on successful communication; the mind’s understanding of what senses lead to the acceptance of a situational interpretation as truth is also an inhibitor. Neither human instinct nor technology is infallible, thus the likelihood that current and future generations will rely on technology to fill the void of human shortcomings displays a questionable truth. Each viewer walks away with a different interpretation of what they have perceived.