NXT creatives

Adriana Debnarova

Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava

Architecture and extreme environment

The project ‘Architecture and extreme environment’ is set in the desert, where the phenomena associated with the lack of resources and expanding desertification is explored. The answers to such problems are found when a radical reinterpretation of the classical construction process is conducted. In contrast to conventional building methods, this project relies upon an autonomous robot that uses materials and energy that are found in its location, and the machine operates on the basis of 3D printing techniques (Delta Robot). The robot is constructed from three independently operating motors that move the arms. These arms are carrying the central plateau which accommodates a strong fresnel lens. This lens is used to concentrate and focus the sunlight to a single point. Temperature of this concentrated sunbeam in conditions like the Sahara Desert may exceed the melting point of sand. Molten sand changes its structure and after cooling creates material which is very strong and resistant to harsh weather conditions. A layer of this material on top of a sand dune prevents the grains of sand from being blown away and thus slows down the process of desertification. The robot is just as dynamic as the landscape in which it operates. The resulting geometry is therefore a record of the mutual choreography. This process evolves over time; the first phase results of the operation of the machine become multiple layers of landscape. In the second phase of the project, living spaces are created within excavated sand dunes after digging away at them. The project provides an opportunity for defense against the advancing desert and also makes space available to live in.