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Alexandra Cihanská Machová / Roman Cihanský Mach

Janáčkova akademie múzických umění v Brně

Studánka / Well

Studánka by Alexandra Cihanská Machová and Roman Cihanský Mach is an installation of natural materials presented in the artificial space of a gallery. The installation uses natural materials including moss, grass, branches, and water in contrast to the artificial, sterile, and impersonal gallery space. This piece of nature, collected and nurtured by the artists themselves, creates and asserts its own micro-space – even when placed amidst the dominating artifice of the gallery. The installation features a low frequency underwater sound composition. Although the sound is barely audible, it is visibly manifest as it causes ripples on the water’s surface. The main inspiration for Studánka is the symbolism found in fairy tales. The work maintains a fairy tale paradigm but conveys this framework in a visual form. In fairy tales the well symbolises a gateway into another dimension; it is deep, dangerous, and dark, and there is something hidden at the bottom. Studánka invites visitors to discover what lurks beyond sight.