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Universitatea Națională de Arte București

Act the Gap

Starting from a study of the types of representation of women in art history and continuing with a study of existing stereotypes in contemporary society ‘Act the Gap’ wishes to draw attention to the problematic dimensions that the beauty and behaviour standards have for the contemporary woman. The approach is built on the personal experience and observation of oneself, expanded to a socio-cultural analysis of the imposed norms that are creating major gender differences and are imposing only two categories: male and female (in that order). I made a series of actions that are taking place in a black box, an abstract space where a total isolation of the gesture is produced through an expanded or repeated moment and a series of photographs describing 109 possible feminine postures. I wish to emphasise the equivalence that exists between what society defines as femininity and what it defines as submission. I also wanted to explore how the image of woman is constructed in a permanent state of self awareness, on the basis of different stereotypes that exist in the multitude of images and representations in art and mass media.

Artist Statement

With studies in the field of Audio-Visual Arts my artistic practice is a fusion between photography, performance, video and sound. I am mainly interested in the trajectory between the social and political issues pertinent in society, such as the politics of gender, feminism, social constructions and stereotypes.

My art involves acknowledging issues that we all face in society and trying to create a new way of expressing them that makes people reflect. I see contemporary art as a powerful means to break the cultural structures and to point out new ways of understanding the world. I am interested in the subject of time, both from a conceptual and a literal point of view. I like to work with images that are between photography and video; that create a different type of discourse, not necessarily a narrative one. My recent practice involves working with my own body in an interdisciplinary way, having references from different fields combined with quotations from art history.