NXT creatives

Almina Duraković


CROSSROADS is a contemporary ballet dance film that ruminates on life, the yearning and search for happiness, love, passion, and all the crossroads in-between. Dancers tell strong personal and emotional stories through their bodies, gestures, and music amongst urban architecture. The costume design for CROSSROADS was created to mediate between the dancers, the music, the urban surroundings, and the choreographer’s voice. Many of the costumes featured in CROSSROADS were handmade, hand-dyed, and distressed with the sole purpose of underscoring the core of the story. CROSSROADS, like many of the collaborations between costume designer Almina Duraković and choreographer Kjara Starič Wurst, brings together talented young Slovenian dancers who are unable to find work after graduating from ballet school. The mission of Duraković and Starič Wurst is to combine their great passion for art with their dedication to create a better future for young dancers. Their work often takes the form of conceptual contemporary ballet projects that focus on beautiful storytelling as the driving force in the creative process.