NXT creatives

Amy Brooks

Ulster University

Please do forgive me for forgetting, but I have been rather worried lately

A jar of honey and a tin of treacle are each placed on a shelf in an empty room, on their sides. The jar of honey has no lid, and is left to slowly empty. The treacle is placed higher up, a tea strainer secured over the mouth of the tin with brown tape. The treacle inside slowly drips through the strainer, onto a balanced spoon, and then into a jar waiting below. The tin takes six hours to fully decant. Once the treacle has overflown the jar it falls to the floor where it rests and seeps. This goes on for the duration of the exhibition, with the treacle and honey replaced each day. Amy Brooks' project is about silence: the silence that you crave, the silence that taunts. The honey and the treacle become everything as the work quietly and calmly consumes the space. There is nothing else.