NXT creatives

Ana Zirner

Folkwang Hochschule


Based on a series of interviews conducted by the artist Ana Zirner in Tehran in 2011, Bahar and Omid is an unusual work – a piece that offers both a unique insight into the political and social realities of life for young contemporary Iranians, a generation Zirner's own age, and a new definition of what 'political theatre' might be today. The form of the piece has been developed through a deliberate confrontation with the realities of its foundational texts and the moral obligation to convey them in the most honest way possible. Rather than begin from traditional forms of political or documentary theatre, in Bahar and Omid the artist has followed her own personal response to the material she gathered. The actors in the piece are conduits for the texts. Bahar and Omid is not about the virtuosity of the performers, but they must work with great skill and honesty to communicate the interviews, delivering them in such a way that the audience is able to get as close as possible to the original voices at the heart of the piece. Bringing clarity and transparency to the complicated relationship that exists between the subjects and the creators of documentary theatre, Bahar and Omid opens up a very personal, political view of a generation in Iran.