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Anca Irina Oprea

Universitatea de Arhitectură şi Urbanism


Anca Irina Oprea's Up-Lift is a device designed to improve cast immobilisation in the case of bone fractures that need long recovery times. The results of research conducted on patients and doctors has proved that the main issue affecting long-term cast immobilisation of bone fractures is muscle hypertrophy. This occurs during the first three days of immobilisation and it is the most difficult issue to overcome during medical recovery. Another issue is the itching caused by sweating, which discomforts the cast-wearer and can furthermore damage the skin. The unpleasant smell caused by sweating is another problem. The Up-Lift device is designed to eliminate the unwanted effects of casts in long-term immobilisation and short-term post-trauma recovery by using electrotherapy as a means of treatment.