NXT creatives

Andrea Alessi

Istituto Europeo di Design


ONCE is a short film about two brothers and their powerful bond. During this seven-minute drama, the viewer witnesses one brother remembering his past through the interrogation of an invisible narrator. With the use of minimal aesthetics and slow motion, the film forces the viewer to focus on the relationship between the protagonists and to cast a critical eye on the love they feel for one another as the story unfolds.

Artist Statement

ONCE is built on questions and answers, whereby the questions are minimal and the answers are visually represented in the scenes. The result of this is a meditatively quiet film. In asking the audience to draw the answers from their own understanding of the scene, they are forced to question whether what they perceive to be the case is in fact reality. Has the man answered honestly? Or has he answered with a lie? This doubt of perception, in relation to familiar life circumstances, plays on the viewers’ own understanding of relationships and the strength of brotherly love.