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Andrea Juneková

Vysoká škola výtvarných umení Bratislava

Visual Images - Phobias

Andrea Juneková's Visual Images - Phobias captures the state of mind and the emotion experienced in a dead-end situation – a cyclic state of fear with no hope of escape. A major inspiration for the work was the artist’s fascination with the sophisticated psychological methods used in some thrillers to inspire fear. Another was the absurd Theatre of the Grotesque movement that worked with elements such as paradox, drama or exaggeration, often describing and ironising the ontological questions of mankind. An ambition of the work is to engage with the complexities of visual imagery. We live in a world where imagery and visual design are enormously important and present, and to some extent the visual culture dictates the rhythm of our era, with society perceiving 'reality' through the prism of media images. The series Visual Images - Phobias seeks to open up a discussion about the illusory of nature of our world, a world that wants to be seen as ideal and perfect.