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Andrew Daley

The Brother Code

A tale of reconciliation, regret and death. Two estranged brothers attempt to reconnect through death and beyond. Jason Stone receives an urn containing the ashes of his dead brother, Richard. A brother with whom he hasn't talked for four years, and is now faced with a lifetime apart but his last chance could be Jason's savior as both brothers embark on a journey to reconnect and make up for all the lost time. The Brother Code is a dramady featuring short film star Matt Downton (previous credits include The Elaborate End of Robert Ebb), shot in Thurlestone and set in Devon, UK. The short focuses around the relationship between two brothers, how love between kinfolk stays strong even through the barriers of life and death. Short tempers and strenuous emotions relate a story of actions as the brothers bond through a series of adventures, making up for four years of lost time and regaining what they had almost lost. The countryside of Devon plays a peripheral role of the film, with beautiful visages of the West Country and a soundscape of local artists all contributing to create a film that is truly English.