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Anna Siekierska

Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie

The House

Using the term ‘hen house’ as a starting point, Anna Siekierska set out to build a dwelling for our smaller brethren that would have all the facilities required for decent living. This act of building a real house for animals takes on an extraordinary aspect against the modern practice of keeping animals in huge, closed, industrialised halls where they are forced to exist in the most basic, deprived conditions. Siekierska’s ‘house for hens’ is built from a traditional timber frame without the use of nails. The piece is a model of the artist’s own house, and was made in parallel with the construction of her actual home in the Polish mountains. The two houses are based on the same technology, both built by the same hands. The House is a tribute to the very ordinary/ extraordinary situation of animals that are used by people as if they were objects.