NXT creatives

Anna Udoh

Lincoln School of Art and Design

'When men were men'

What is masculinity? Is it just the fact of being born a certain biological gender, or does a man’s dress, mannerism and lifestyle play an important role in his identity as a man? Furthermore, is a man’s masculinity confined by the views of society? In recent times masculinity has greatly developed and in a sense has now dissolved into a blurred identity where men are openly feminine in terms of dress, mannerisms and lifestyle. Yet even in a world where androgyny once had prominence there are still elements of gender and masculinity that are taboo: it is still more acceptable for men to carry weapons and act aggressively than it is for them to wear women's clothes – even though it has long been seen as acceptable and liberating for women to wear men's clothing. Anna Udoh's images seek to challenge society's established rules of dress and perceptions of masculinity.