NXT creatives

Annina Thomann

HKB - Hochschule der Künste Bern

Zwischen (Between)

Zwischen comprises more than a dozen relatively small porcelain sculptures accompanied by rubber counterparts precisely placed within the white gallery space. The sculptures vary in size, but retain their fragile and elegant aesthetic. Their fragmentary character becomes clear immediately upon entering the gallery. The modular character of Zwischen allows for the piece to be installed in a precise and intriguing fashion, connecting it directly to the individual space. Lightweight and autonomous, the variety of possibilities for installing the work emphasise the decisions that ultimately form the installation in Glasgow. It could look different, but it does not - why? Annina Thomann’s interest in the materiality of porcelain is not governed by a mannerist search for perfection, but rather the profound questioning of its qualities and possibilities when installed in situ. The sculptures are unvarnished, rendering the work raw and tangible. The sensitive interplay between the individual pieces transcends their pure material presence and allows for the poetic potential of the space to manifest. The formative relationship between the porcelain sculptures and their soft and flexible rubber counterparts produces an engaging entity. The visitor enters a complex visual field of references that constantly changes its character in relation to movement within the gallery space. The ever-changing perspectives and interrelations between the component parts propel the viewer’s perception of the space and the sculptures into unexpected places.