NXT creatives

Ariane Trümper

HKU Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

Heat of the Moment

In this work a shipping container and its characteristics are taken as a source of inspiration. ‘Heat of the Moment’ is about the inseparable connection between us and our environment. It's about time about traces we leave behind. It's a piece to be entered alone, to experience in private. Cold steel and warm bodies. I stand in front of a shipping container, after receiving headphones I am allowed to enter. It is dark, barely lit. Suddenly a voice starts speaking to me, asking: 'Are you there?'. Saying lines that could either describe the container or a person living in it. The voice invites me to get comfortable on a bed, the only furniture inside, by doing so I recognise a projection close to the entrance. I see the heat of my body, captured by a thermal camera and projected on the cold steel of the walls. Me, sitting on the bed, but I am are not alone, somebody lies beside me. This figure lying close to me is only to be seen in the heat image, not in ‘reality,’ but the mattress feels warm where the figure seems to lay. This work is about presence about the perception of human beings and about traces we leave behind. It's a personal experience, a sensual work that doesn't have a truth, but that will tell a very personal story, depending on who is perceiving it. Sometimes somebody seems to be there even if we know that we are alone. “Inside and outside are inseparable. The world is wholly inside and I am wholly outside myself.” By Maurice Merleau-Ponty