NXT creatives

Barbara Hauser / Nicole Schmid

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Poetics of the Ephemeral

Poetics of the Ephemeral is a continuation of the collaborative artistic practice of Barbara Hauser and Nicole Schmid, specifically their work with table conversations and feasts, and forms part of a larger research project on discourses in the setting of a dinner table. This work also addresses the traces and transformations of what stays on the table once the guests have left. Whereas in previous works the focus was on the ephemerality of the discourses and the events themselves, this piece centres on the process, the slowness, and the non-linearity of specific transformative practices. Poetics of the Ephemeral balances delicately between photographic still life and video art, between fiction and reality, and between past and present. Hauser and Schmid collaborated with the pianist Markus Wüthrich to musically interpret the ongoing transformation processes. It is a poetic, quiet, and somewhat melancholic work that asks the observer to stay and contemplate in order to follow the subtle changes of the image.