NXT creatives

Beata Szczepaniak

Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu


‘Order’ consists of several forms each influence each other: sixteen steel rusted cubes which stand in a square plan, one soft silicone unspecified organic form and an artist who created this sculpture - a woman in light beige dress. The artist take a part of this sculpture, encroaching closed spaces of cubes which she has created. She changes the cubes structure, its space and its meaning because she overturns (literally and figuratively) things which at first were permanent, seemed immoveable and steady. This modification is significant because she initially opens a closed system. However the mainly attention is a fact that steel cubes are empty. Overturning these cubes creates a explorative character narrative. Only one of the cubes is not empty - there is a soft pink organic form which becomes a heart of the whole situation. The artist, releasing this form of oppression takes it out of the cube, touches and hugs it and put it on the biggest cube like the sculpture on the pedestal. The artist creates a very emotional sculpture and action through the system of space, forms moving, sound material and colour. This sculptures bases are oppositions - soft vs. hard, irregular shapes vs. geometric shapes, delicate vs. strong, closed vs. open. Important things in this work are the touch between women and rusty cubes, the touch between cubes and soft form and of course between women and soft organic form. ‘Order’ has a personal importance for the artist but also speaks about sculpture itself. Feelings are more important to the artist than intellectual comment which is simil