NXT creatives

Boris Bezemer

HKU Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

Nature and Looks

Nature and Looks is a touching concert piece for viola and electronics. 
It is wild and calm, strict and free, angry and dreamy. It can be floating and untouchable, and yet so clear that it pierces right through the air. Throughout the music everything is shown in two opposing ways. The first movement is a virtuoso and savage viola solo. The directness of these very articulated viola lines are contrasted with a second movement that is wild and dreamily flowing. The electronics enhance the violas sound spectrum and make it grow and move around the audience. 

Artist Statement

During the development of this work, I developed a lot emotionally and artistically. Nature and Looks started as an exercise in composition but became a space for my feelings of insecurity and anger, love and curiosity. It got filled up more and more with my experiences. A lot of things happened as I went to study abroad twice and I met so many different people. The music reflects all of this and in many ways it is the most personal piece that I have written.