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Call Your Mom: Emma Bergman, E Karin Cadoux, Sophie Goldberg and Mia Massimino

School of Art & Design - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


THIS CLOSE is an original multimedia performance by the members of Call Your Mom: Emma Bergman, E Karin Cadoux, Sophie Goldberg and Mia Massimino. The 45-minute performance, debuted in 2015, observes and interrogates mistranslation and miscommunication via movement, programming, video, audio and written word.

Call Your Mom wonders whether we can ever understand each other, sharing this question with their audiences throughout each artistic undertaking. THIS CLOSE combines live and pre-recorded elements to approach the ubiquitous realities of misunderstanding that trouble the human animal.The making of THIS CLOSE followed the completion of Call Your Mom’s first full-length piece, self-titled Call Your Mom. As the collective worked through incidents of misunderstanding between the four of them, they ventured into an exploration of understanding and conversation in the world at large.

THIS CLOSE performs its metaphysical cross-questioning in episodes. Call Your Mom’s episodic format lends itself to malleable categorisation, ordering, and reordering of ideas, as inspired by The Neofuturists of Chicago, Tangente Theatre Company out of Berlin and other movement and theatre-based schools of thought. Each episode indirectly comments on the next without embedding into an audience’s pre-established relationship to linear narrative. Some of the episodes in THIS CLOSE poke fun at human nature via comedic autobiography, while others make earnest gestures toward incoherence. Call Your Mom believes in this mix-and-match strategy and the power it gives audiences to project relevant meaning onto the work.

Artists Statement

Call Your Mom is, above all else, based in an ethic of empathy and emotive design. We, Emma Bergman, E Karin Cadoux, Sophie Goldberg and Mia Massimino, have worked collectively since 2014. Known for our interdisciplinary, immersive works, Call Your Mom employs a variety of mediums including video, audio, sculpture, movement, and audience interaction to facilitate spaces of contemplative vulnerability. We are a chosen family – familial without being related and romantic without being sexual – upsetting systems of communication, of family, of romance and of embodiment through situational intimacy. We ruminate on mundane difficulty, mixing subtlety and intensity. Our mission is to create a sense of belonging through community based performance. Going forward in our mission, we hope to engage the public in conversational work. As we move our performance installations across communities, we adapt to a range of spaces – stages, coffee shops, galleries and basements.

In 2014, our group put on our first multimedia performance, also entitled
Call Your Mom, in which we investigated women’s solidarity and collective narrative. Our next full-length work, THIS CLOSE, focused on concepts of miscommunication through multi-modal critique of the human animal’s struggle to understand itself. Our upcoming show, Household, builds and deconstructs mythologies of home, calling into question how ghosts of trauma, nostalgia and lineage subconsciously sculpt the present. Our works originate with concept. As we delve into an idea, we determine a medium to best expresses each concept, either pulling from our diverse collective skill set or venturing to acquire new techniques. In the past, we’ve taught ourselves carpentry, fibers and programming. Our collaboration becomes a motivating vehicle for inquiry and dedicated physical research. Our making structure is horizontal. All four of our voices hold equal weight. Honouring and combining our individual ideas keeps Call Your Mom memorable in aesthetic, yet flexible in modality.

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