NXT creatives

Camille Pradon

École Supérieure d’Art et Design de Saint-Étienne

L’œil en cible

In Camille Pradon's L’œil en cible hands mime the pointing of a rifle. These hands, alongside chosen words and phrases create a choreography. The film articulates a constant movement between the gesture of a body and the body of a text. By highlighting the various steps of a video (the stimulated removing of a shotgun, the slow choreography of hands) Pradon questions the validity of the documented image and its forced links to a written or oral language. 

Artist Statement

My work questions the diverse types of images such as cinematography, painting, literature, and photography. It is also about showing figures, bodies and landscapes that cohabit space. In the images, I manipulate the subjects by cropping, enlarging or by using filters. With these manipulations, faces bodies, or landscapes can lose their definition but the aesthetics can change.