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Carlijn Fransen

Gerrit Rietveld Academie

De eenzame eenheid

The film De eenzame eenheid is a cacophony of narration; featuring nine successive scenes that feel like one night filled with a multitude of dreams. In a series of short surrealistic vignettes, the viewer is invited into an isolated and inwardly-oriented world. Themes of loneliness and oppression are addressed in a curious manner. Colourful scenes create one storyline; a glimpse of an absurd yet ordinary day in the life of main character and creator Carlijn Fransen.


Artist Statement

I am a modest fountain, a constant flow of ideas. While most ideas disappear, some images in my mind remain without having a clear reason to do so – their origins unknown. You would think that there has to be a reason why these ideas find a place in my mind. It’s these kind of absurdities that always fascinate me, the ones that are there but have and need no explanation. By carefully dissecting all these ideas, nine separate scenes found their commencement in what would be my graduation film De eenzame eenheid.

The quest to find the interrelationship of ideas resulted in the associative storyline of the film. What feels logical while watching the film, is hard to explain subsequently. The colourful images embody my inner world, a mix of feelings that is hard to put your finger on by trying to explain. The challenge is to extract the images from my head and reconstruct them as precisely as possible in reality. By acting in my own film I can experience my ideas and dreams directly. In the final film these dreams become even more clear then they once where inside of my imagination.

Artist Portfolio

Carlijn Fransen