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CCC Theatre Department

Columbia College Chicago, School of Fine and Performing Arts

The Wonderers and Other Stories

The Wonderers and Other Stories, developed by a cohort of theatre students at Columbia College Chicago under the direction of artists from the Double Edge Theatre is a theatrical presentation incorporating circus and physical theatre skills, an evocative musical score and elements of Latin American Magical realism narratives all combined to create a thrilling thirty minute spectacle. The work has been created over a 4 month period utilizing varied physical theatre pedagogies focusing on the work of Grotowski, circus skills and vaudeville, mask work, commedia and dance, and relies on the actor's physical, vocal and emotive exploration to fulfill these various styles. To create the Wonderers and Other Stories the actors applied 10 hour days of rigorous physical training focusing on the principal of the actor's autonomy to make work in an ensemble, laboratory setting. In this theatrical journey, audiences are transported through the streets of Buenos Aires, to the graveside of the recently deceased matriarch Mama Grande, to the vibrant cabaret and cafe life of Latin American society culminating in a sequence featuring the artistic world of Frida Kahlo. The piece combines the humor of a comedy show, the slight of hand of a magic show and the grace of a dance. This is a continuation of a long-term collaboration between the artists of The Double Edge Theater in Ashfield, MA and the Theatre Department at Columbia College Chicago devised and created by an ensemble of 9 student actors and 6 student designers and technicians led by Double Edge Co-Artistic Director Matthew Glassman and ensemble member Hannah Jarrell.