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Charlotte Van de Velde

Karel de Grote-Hogeschool

True Fakes

True Fakes is a series of installations combining wearable jewels, jewel collections, books and photographs, including: - True Fakes: a collection of fake stones, in which the failure of the fake and the beauty of its decreased value are revealed through photographic enlargement. - True Fakes (By Colour): part of a photographic series in which the fake stones are organised in different ways. - Twins: a series of jewels that resemble one another, which reflects on the act of copying and the beauty of subtle differences. - Collector’s Items: a series of identical jewels, found in one particular flea market in Brussels, over a period of approximately one year. - 18/05/2014, Vossenplein, Brussel: a photographic recording of my findings in one visit to the flea market where I find my material. - Nine Broken Bracelets: a wearable piece, a bracelet made out of found clasps of broken jewels. - Found Fittings and Two Wrongs Make One Right: photographs of assemblages of jewels that belong together.