NXT creatives

Chaseplay Theatre Company

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Nothing to be Done

Fleet Foxes, ‘Blue Spotted Tail’ Nothing to be Done is a piece of absurdist theatre that explores this quintessential question that every person must confront. It looks at how we spend our daily existence and asks if ‘just being’ is ever enough. Nothing to be Done ponders whether life is just an extended period of repetitive loitering or if there’s something more… The play follows two duos trapped in an absurdist world: Lulu and Cece, Titisi and Happy. Lulu and Cece, the main characters, wait for a train that may never come. As they wait the pair of reprobates play word games, comically argue and try to deal with the big questions surrounding life, the universe and everything else in-between. All together, the foursome demonstrate the absurdity of repetitive routines in human behaviour in order to tackle existential questions about life itself. All four characters deal with the absurdity of humanity in different ways – questioning, forgetting, rebelling, revealing and accepting. Nothing to be Done is Chaseplay Theatre Company’s Waiting for Godot inspired piece that explores the impact of reliving the same day, day in and day out. Modern society finds solace in routine, taking comfort in going through the motions of daily life without questioning what was experienced. Nothing to be Done dares to question this notion and illuminates the ‘Groundhog Day’ affliction. How do we cope when there is nothing to be done? One hour of nothing. Powerful, funny and poetic nothing – but nothing all the same.