NXT creatives

Chris Porcarelli

Göteborgs universitet, Konstnärliga fakulteten

Sound, 4.12

Sound, 4.12 is a process of social inquiry that investigates face-to-face interaction through the use of acoustical sound mediating devices. The project started with a series of trials that used objects created by the artist, Chris Porcarelli. The movements and gestures of the participants using the device inspired further rounds of new objects to be tested and observed. Pieces progressed from small and simple round bars with thimble like ends to more complex devices that mechanically react to user motions. The final piece in the series is a communicational instrument with a low learning threshold that invites users to create a dialogue with interaction and sound. Multiple people play this musical device at the same time. Melodic xylophone drone and percussive sound is actuated depending on the tilt created by the movement of one user or a balancing act coordinated by the group of users.