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Christian Berens

Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht

Contemplative Space

Why art? Art brings again confusion, art blurs knowledge, denies it. Art allows mixed forms that Christian Berens is able to explore and produce ideas that he wants to try out. It is less about expression and more about the technical possibility, experimenting with accessibility of ideas and the further development of my research. Space always had an attraction for Christian as a tool and as an object of contemplation. There is a nativeness, a kind of enduring timelessness that you can always find, ruins of once edited space. Space in a way is an archive, whereas time always seems new, always seems as a kind of ongoing whimpering. Situational space is permanence. Currently, he is focused on the relation of power between habitus and habitat. Primary habitat has been the boundaries determining factor. Today, it is not clear whether man focuses on forming its habitat or whether the habitat is a by-product because space-structures often seem not man-related. This duality between everydayness of space, its inherent autopilot mode and the potential space are elements of the world that interest Christian. Presence is a topic that pops up again and again in humanity.