NXT creatives

Christian Blechschmidt

Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart

Eye of the Needle

The short film takes place in a time both futuristic and apocalyptic. We find ourselves in an old and empty theatre where nature has begun to reconquer the space, eliminating all traces of human presence. The world as we used to know it no longer exists. Within the beauty of victorious fauna and ruins of a once domesticated environment we suddenly encounter a small group of people: a decadent society trying to preserve their cultural habituality. Their attire is a combination of fragments of a long lost baroque time (crinolines, corsets and wigs) and pieces of environmentally sustainable clothing. Dullness and boredom dominate the picture: movements are apathetic and indifferent, communication seems to be impossible. Instead, their amusement consists of drinking tea, eating, swinging and playing golf. All of a sudden, the viewer’s gaze is attracted by a flying golfball interrupting the scene – and follows its trajectory until it reaches its final destination...