NXT creatives

Ciarán Hodgers

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Faculty of Art & Design, Department of Contemporary Art

The Fourth Trinity

‘The Fourth Trinity’ weaves three characters over several password protected websites punctuated with dingbats and QR codes to create different pathways through several hyperlinked websites, where the reader will encounter short paragraphs. The text is immediate to us, the character speaking in close proximity, creating a sense of immersion into their world. The digital architecture of ‘The Fourth Trinity’ encourages the use of mobile technology to play with the line between intimacy and distance, between character and audience. Its full construction of installation and the final printing puzzle roots hooks to our immediate reality, that encourages the reader’s imagination and creativity to inform their experience. Using the digital nature of the text to reinterpret the Narcissus and Echo myth, we are encouraged to be active participants in our own adventure through the story. If we give up or move along, the work ceases to exist. It exploits consumerist culture by creating barriers that challenge elitist tendencies and frustrate our expectation of entertainment. Intentionally sporadic elements of the story touch on topics such as the media religion, celebrity violence and storytelling. It is a literature project, dipping its toes into installation, programming media and cryptography, designed to challenge question and unsettle. The design is uncomplicated, harking to the simple feel of printed literature: blank white pages and black text. Binary dictionary definitions and elements of word-play weave a framework built on words and their construction, structure and function within modern audiences.