NXT creatives

Courtney Grant

University of Hertfordshire - School of Art and Design


Headspace was born from an experiment aimed to capture the different phenomena occurring in time-based media. Through the development of simple processes and filming techniques, a captivating aesthetic was realized, while the raw nature of video was exposed. Grant uses herself as the subject in Headspace as she is interested in how the viewer responds to her image both as the artist and as a female. The piece toys with the traditions of the (female) ‘gaze’ by returning said gaze in a bold and intimidating fashion. Grant’s face remains fixed; her eyes locked in a constant stare. The viewer’s initial perception is challenged by the image of the artist’s body, which appears to swing and rotate in an illogical way. The piece exemplifies how the development of a simple filming technique can distort the perception of an image. Presented as an installation, Headspace invites the viewer to take part in a real-time experience, shifting the boundary between the pre-recorded and the live – a recurring theme in Grant’s practice. The silent video is projected into an empty darkened space, allowing viewers to explore freely and encounter the artist’s image from a number of perspectives. Headspace strives to make an immediate aesthetic impact that leaves the viewer not only intimidated and bemused, but also intrigued.