NXT creatives

Dani Gherca

Universitatea Națională de Arte București

Choosing the Moment

Choosing the Moment is based on the need to formulate a visual response for the following questions:
1. Through what kind of methods do we decide to select an image over another?
2. Through what kind of visual systems can we build a project with images that are seemingly antagonistic?
3. Through what kind of analysis do we assign aesthetical qualities to an image?

The contemporary photographical image is caught between the concrete reality and the questionable existence of the digital tools. The ease by which it can reach the alteration of actual reality through digital connections had created the development space of uncertainty and truthfulness of all photographic images. 

Artist Statement

I am a visual artist that works predominantly with photography, but with certain projects I have also worked with video and installation. In my works I try to understand the social and political events within the society in which we live in. My main focus gravitates around issues of memory, morality, veracity and symbolic logic.

Choosing the Moment is the final project of my masters degree. The main focus is the processes of selecting and combining images and it is a self-referential study, with references to Roland Barthes' La chambre claire: Note sur la photographie (1980) to the Studium and Punctum concepts. My last project Right To Be Forgotten (2015) questions the balance of power that is developed between the governmental agency which collects and stocks private and public information and those who are the subject of that information.