NXT creatives

Denise Kehoe

The CIT Crawford College of Art and Design

This is Conceptual

Presenting a multidisciplinary body of work in the frame of an installation, Denise Kehoe's This is Conceptual incorporates stop-motion animation, sculpture, found objects, drawing, print and sound, the idea of each piece dictating its medium. Working frequently with wordplay and deadpan humour, Kehoe's work has recently come to focus on the mundane administrative aspects of the art world (artists' CVs, exhibition publicity, etcetera), and among the selection of work here we can see: Rejected, an interview Kehoe gave to the Evening Echo where she intentionally misinterpreted every question (it was never printed); Zoom, a collection of 800 matchbox-size drawings cut up and inserted into gumball machine capsules (purchasable for 1 Euro); Occupie, a provocation to draw a correlation between the Occupy movement and the elitism of the art world; and a whole section juxtaposing the artist's own 'toilet installations' with small elements Kehoe pinched from other exhibitions at the 2011 Venice Biennale.