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Diana Grabowska

Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie / Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

from the head

This work consists of two parts: the film and the object in the form of mask which make up the whole. The artist has touched upon the issue of broadly understood intimacy, which starts in ones head not in the body. She believes that this phenomenon is too broad and complex to limit it solely to the body. The resulting piece is sophisticated both intellectually and visually.

Artist Statement

I have focused on the theme of the head as a representation of man and the most intimate part of the body. I reshaped authentic underwear to mask the head; to bring associations with intimacy and nudity. I used small magnets to create a mobile construction. It was my intention to show the head as another intimate part of the body which I cover similarly. Although in the piece it has a physical form, my intention was to create a symbolic link, an object from the outside used to describe the inside. The process of undressing, which ultimately turns out to be a peculiar form of striptease, points to the self-referential nature of the work, and expresses an utopian attempt to reduce the face to a single image. The real strip show will take place when all magnets demagnetise and the structure falls apart into small pieces.