NXT creatives

Dinnis van Dijken

Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design

Another flow of the river

Dinnis van Dijken’s work deals with time and how we experience it. In his paintings their history is problematised by the inclusion of photography. Van Dijken uses pinhole cameras to document his work, and then continues to present the photographs as artworks in his installations. The lengthy exposure time (3 hours til 4 days) allows him to document the labour invested in each painting and captures the change over time, sometimes capturing each stage separately and exposing hidden layers. These photographs then become evidence of the production of the paintings, and shown together form a loop of their history. When looking at the paintings, what at first seems like some complicated mathematical example, turns out to be the documentation of simple card games played by the artist and his wife. The numbers are sometimes interrupted by a happy face or a sad face, depending on who is winning. The notes, written on papers from his notebooks, areblown up and painstakingly transposed to large canvases. The simple subjects on the paintings being that of two people killing time.Faintly underneath the top layer of a painting one can still distinguish the presence of another painting. Showing more pages of numbers and scores. Their faint material presence being reinforced by their presence in photography. Dinnis van Dijken creates a body of work that poses questions of how time is measured in terms of the labour invested in the act of painting. His paintings become actors moving through time, and revisiting their own making.