NXT creatives

Dominik Suppiger

Hochschule Luzern

Der Cowboy und ich (The Cowboy and I)

The director is no fool; his imagination is the only place where he is a tough hero... But he wants to break free from this tame, dull life he is leading. In order to become a real man he asks urban cowboy Angy Burri how to go about it. The old man is a legend. His work as a musician, artist, filmmaker, craftsman and motorcycle customiser made him known throughout the country. But it is the straightforwardness and dry sense of humor of a man who relentlessly followed his dreams that led people to call him Big Angy. Surely, with this great guy’s help, Dominik, the director will soon be a greenhorn no more. However, as they dive deeper into the world of the Wild West questions start to arise. What does it mean to be a real man? Are harsh words and violence the only way to solve problems and be true to yourself? It is in this hour of uncertainty that Dominik reveals a new side of his idol Big Angy. What appears to be a fictional story is a documentary. The dialogues between Dominik and Angy are not written text but long interviews, edited and put into a dramaturgical order. The story behind Dominik and Angy is real and the facts about their lives true. They are not actors following a script but friends having several conversations and experiencing a journey together. Ironically it is the fictional setting (e.g. when they are sitting by the fire dressed up as cowboys), which creates a bond between the old man and his young disciple and lets them reach a higher level in their communication.