NXT creatives

Dusty Thomas

Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht


Dusty shows her love for denim, menswear and the color blue in ‘Bluedenîmes’. During her study, she has experimented with these three components. Her works always contain a certain level of honesty and respect for the materials used. She wants to make clothes that people love to wear. Her graduation collection ‘Bluedenîmes’ plays to her strengths and reveals her passion for becoming a designer who creates affordable clothes. For her, the realisation of ‘Bluedenîmes’ was her means to tread into the fashion world. She discovered that her love for patterns enabled her to create new ways of designing jackets and trousers for men. Dusty always starts with an idea for a piece of clothing, and then starts cutting into the denim and creating patterns. During that development process, she develops new ideas for cutting patterns and innovates new ways of construction and creating details. During her working process, she discovered that a lot of men have a desire for unique looking pieces of clothing that are not overdesigned. Every piece in this collection is blue. It’s no secret that she is a real ‘denim-head’, therefore the whole collection is not just made using this material, but also other fabrics that have a denim feeling within their style and finish. The collection is inspired by knights from the middle ages. This influence appears as a revelation that knights wore dresses and skirts as symbols of fierceness, courage and masculinity. Her impeccable use of denim has created a collection which embodies this symbolism.