NXT creatives

Einike Leppik

Estonian Academy of Music

La Tua Pelle Che Fa Silenzio

The composition La Tua Pelle Che Fa Silenzio is an intimate and strongly personal audiovisual poem that focuses on emotions and feelings, exploring their abstract and dreamlike nature. The chosen text by Italian poetess Alda Merini gives an emotional atmosphere that is transformed by Einike Leppik into an audio-visual language. The video is combines wider views and details surrounding life and nature, with close and distant fragments of a womans body. A melancholic look at the solitude and reclusion of human beings is presented. The music is strongly related with the visual elements; these mediums melt dynamically into each other and change throughout the composition.

Artist Statement

Audiovisual composition La Tua Pelle Che Fa Silenzio is based on the poem by Alda Merini. I found Merini’s work while staying in Italy and from the first moment I knew that it carries the emotional sensitivity that I needed for my piece. The core of this piece is very powerful and sensual, almost erotic. Although the poem is without a title, I named it your skin that creates silence. The aim of my composition is to create  a multi-sensorial transformation of the text into audio visual language, to create a different atmosphere. The music of this piece is acoustic, with a string trio and three singers, as it emphasises the textual substance of the composition - skin and human touch. No less important is the choice of three voices, almost as a triangle; soprano alto and baritone. String instruments keep up the tension and flow, and they form another triangle. In the video I have used my own body which makes the piece personal, whilst at the same time opening another view of me to others.