NXT creatives

Elena Molinaro

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance


In-be-tween is a forty minute installation performance for one performer. It was presented in The Cottages at Trinity Laban in July 2011. In-be-tween took my research questions concerning autobiography and the spatiality of subjectivity to create an installation performance which transformed the ugly impersonality of the cottages into a series of rooms, stairways and corridors redolent with memory and poetic uncertainty. The work spontaneously invited the audience to wander around the space and to experience being both spectator and participant as they entered in close proximity with one another other and myself. Indented in the impersonal space of the lift, I held my body still, as the wandering audience suddenly came to a stop, and cautiously gathered together arrested by the unexpected vision of a body in pain. Swiftly shifting from enduring positions to durational actions, I started to lead the audience on a short promenade that allowed my spectators to turn away at any time or stay with me and contemplate delicate gestures of self-composition. The viscerality of my actions - the pinch of the peg skirts and the ribbons- reverberated against the formality of the space. Through slow and repetitive actions I created a sense of temporal suspension that opened a new space where the audience was allowed to explore what was happening in front of them and search for the individuality of their own responses. Thus, even though the work was clearly autobiographical it played with uncertainty, and unfolded a plethora of personal narratives, which drew from the spectators’ own imagination. As the audience followed me through corridors, and stairways, they came to encounter different object installations that I previously created in the space. The concatenation of actions and images formed a resonant sense of re-enactment and recollection, and the small scenographic interventions such as the drawers and the veil worked to frame these as both delicately impermanent and fragile. www.elenamolinaro.com