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Eline Loomans

HKU Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

Fathers have eyes too

Over the years theatre-maker Eline Loomans watched the relationship between herself and her father, and between her friends and their fathers, change. At first, they were heroes who were welcomed home like champions every day; then they were assholes who shouldn't dare to pry or interfere in their affairs; finally, the dads turned up in parties, in the pub – they turned out to be human beings: adults, just like Eline and her friends. Inspired by biographic and documentary theatre and her internships at Rimini Protokoll and Lola Arias in Berlin, Loomans decided to bring the fathers on stage to let them answer their daughters’ questions in public. Conducting interviews with twenty fathers (of different ages, cultures, education and career backgrounds) on the subject of their daughters, Loomans wrote the text of this authentic piece. On stage we find ‘real’ dads, telling their own stories, each other's stories – the stories universal to all fathers and their daughters. The daughters are seen and heard through video and audio, and the fathers for the first time answer all their questions. 'What do you see when you look at me? What do you think when I look at you? Are you even ashamed of me? What do you want to never talk about again? Why do I never see you cry? Have you ever felt the urge to hurt me? Do you believe that girls love those men that resemble their fathers? Would you have preferred to have a son? Have you ever doubted whether I was really your daughter? Do you think of yourself as a good father?' Fathers have eyes too is a provocative performance about keeping close and the damn hard job of letting go.