NXT creatives

Elise Eeraerts

Hogeschool Sint-Lukas Brussel


Elise Eeraerts' Mantsala is a sculpture located in a meadow in Mantsala, Finland and constructed using only earth. The sculpture was dug out of the earth in seven stages, with each new phase altering the previous stage and removing new earth. It was realised with the help of thirteen participants, organised into teams and allocated digging sessions usually lasting about two days. In total seven sessions were organised. If an object is made with no intended meaning, people might see nothing � or they might see buildings, animals, objects from outer space (the future), temples (the past), small daily objects. For Mantsala, Elise has produced a video where participants from the sculptural project relate their ideas on the meaning of the object they are helping to build, and a series of seven photographs and twelve video stills that extend and document the work.