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Ella Becker

Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden

drawing closer

Within her work artist Ella Becker searchs for complex simplicity, resonance of space and assertion with simple aids. Ella Becker focusses on drawing on paper and in space. She uses classic techniques such as ink or graphite to create her large scale wall drawings. Her works reflect architectural features of the space in an abstract way. They are meant to build a symbiosis with the space they are made for. Some of them even melt with the walls and are only seen by second glance. Becker gets her inspiration from the vibe of the exhibition space. Therefore she can´t plan or apply a work she already thougth of - she doesn´t know what kind of work it will be before arriving to the venue. The artist then takes some time to understand the space, observes and takes sketches. From there she drafts an idea of a piece in situ, which she later draws on the walls directly. The drawing develops during the work process reflecting how it corresponds with its surroundings.