NXT creatives

Elle Sofe Henriksen

Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo

Beatnaga ii galgga gulgii geahat / Dont judge the dog by its fur

In Elle Sofe Henriksen's piece Don't judge the dog by its fur we see three female dancers wearing shoes, a jacket and a day-to-day kofte (the kofte is a Norwegian national costume; the day-to-day kofte is also a Sami dress made for daily wear and work, typically used for work at home). The stage is open and the audience see the walls, the rig and the space between the floor and the grey dance mats. The scenography uses various different materials: stones on the floor, sliver in a pile at the back of the stage, a stump of birch and some planks lying about. The light changes between warm yellow and a dark, green light where shadows from the stones fill the room. The music begins with a recording from a conversation in Sami, then moves on to recordings from an old joik (a form of song) and to electronic music incorporating joik and throat song. The dancers also make sound by jumping in the sliver, by shouting, pushing the stones, trampling and falling on the floor and hitting their skin. The expression of the dancers is doughty and their connection to the audience is very direct. The movements change in style and direction. Some go in circles, some movements refer to hip-hop and disco, and some make use of release techniques.