NXT creatives

Ellen Söderhult & Mandi Tiukkanen

Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola


THIS IS GRAND is a dance performance that proposes new relationships between and transformations of known parts that de-contextualise pieces of dance and art history.  It proposes a sequel, a concert of covers, a continuation of an always ongoing collective innovation. THIS IS GRAND speculates about what makes a specific dance a dance and engages with intensity. The work delves into the dances that are embodied through education and personal dance histories, performance memories as well as socio-culturally constructed and internalised images from movies, music and art.

Artist Statement

To dance can be a continuous negotiation between historical collectivity and personal habits, instructions and the bodily awareness of ‘everything everywhere all the time’ as Rasmus Ölme has said. The possibilities of dance are furthered by its abstract potential, the collective aspect and how it deals with bodies. Bodies are carriers of culture. This Is Grand is a collaboration that was formed around a shared passion for team spirit that we sometimes experienced in dance class, as well as a wish to use and develop what we have been taught instead of trying to be original. We wanted to embody dance history with different intentions: to have an open-source attitude and with a different agenda to institutions.