NXT creatives

Emil Goodman

Henry Waltz

Set in a fantasy world detailed with the rich imagery of classic Hollywood, steampunk science fiction, and a reimagined 1930s and 40s America, Emil Goodman's Henry Waltz is a transmedia and feature film project that combines live-action footage with paper animation to bring to life a unique and engaging vision. The project's trailer gives us a glimpse into the world of Henry Waltz – a man who deals in illegal organic substances on the increasingly mechanised, man-made planet of Terangi. When Waltz gets involved in a secret experimental project he's forced to give up his comfortable life and becomes a wanted man – chased by the sinister Management as well as figures from the planet's underworld. In search of an organic substance that will keep him alive, Waltz happens upon a large-scale conspiracy run by the planet's elite, unravelling a scam that drains energy from the planet...