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Emily Magorrian

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Unfinished Place

Unfinished Place is a performance as research project to collaborate with babies and young audiences in the creation of a new and unique performance work. Unfinished Place was a collaborative devised project between performance artists, musicians, visual artists, theatre technicians, parent artists and early years artists. Unfinished Place was developed for and with its young audience, with high aesthetic and performance values to be appreciated by carers and babies alike. Unfinished Place is an intimate, small-scale physical performance for 2-5 year olds and their carers which explores the ideas of home and adventure, narrated through music. Within the arts there has been significant growth in specialist work made for and in collaboration with babies. There has been a particular awareness raised of this specialism within Europe in the last ten years, with Unfinished Place being the first piece of baby theatre developed by a student at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. This process has throughout focused on collaborating alongside artists in early years settings such as nurseries, play groups and day centres located across Scotland. We used ‘playdates’ with artists, carers and children as a methodology of creating with babies, asking parents to prepare an activity to do with their young person and with the lead artists preparing a task involving maps to explore together. This was used as a means of generating material to be part of the performance, seeing what both young people and their adults responded to positively.