NXT creatives

Eva Giolo

Hogeschool Gent


Eva Giolo’s video Shattered is an intimate and tender nine-minute long film exploring the fragmented mind of her Alzheimer-ridden grandmother. Bringing the viewer into her intimate and emotional world, the viewer is taken through a desolate house filled with fragments of an old woman’s life. The video progressively reveals the woman's appearance and her ailment. Her lost words and behaviour, however confused and disturbing, reach out to the viewer. Whilst watching the film, the viewer is confronted with humans’ primitive fear of madness and loss. Shattered is a non-judgemental exploration of a ghastly illness, human mortality, solitude and the meaning of life.

Artist Statement

I am a musician and audio-visual artist. In my work, I explore the relationship between loss, time and memories, tackling the social stigmas surrounding those suffering from mental health issues. My videos consist of portraits representing subjects who are always facing a certain kind of loneliness. In Shattered, I filmed my grandmother Colette, who was 78 at the time. This film in particular addresses my own fears of losing my mind. My work is personal as I often use my own family as subjects. Using close family members as inspiration for my works also allows me to reflect and draw inspiration from my childhood, as well as the various obsessions and anxieties I have about the world.